How does online conveyancing work?

As with so many aspects of our lives, conveyancing is increasingly becoming an online process. There can be many advantages to this for both buyers and sellers.


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What is online conveyancing?

All conveyancers will follow the same process. They will all check the title to the property you are buying or selling, raise all the necessary searches and enquiries, liaise with your mortgage company and draft the legal documents to complete the transaction. Traditionally conveyancing was a paper-based process. It could be lengthy and expensive, requiring several face to face meetings with your conveyancer to receive advice and sign documents. Increasingly, conveyancing takes place online. Searches are submitted online and there is no need to visit your conveyancer, because documents can be sent out, signed and returned digitally.

The government, through the Land Registry, is encouraging the digitalisation of conveyancing: Conveyancers who already offer their services online are ideally placed to take advantage of the opportunities that digitalisation offers.

What are the advantages of an online conveyancer?

The main advantages of using an online provider are speed, cost, flexibility and security. Conveyancers who work online are subject to the same professional oversight as traditional conveyancers.


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It can help to speed up transactions if the conveyancing process takes place online. There is no need to rely on the postal service for documents to be sent out for signature and returned. Security of sensitive personal and financial information is improved, because digital documents can be encrypted.

Taking the conveyancing process online results in cheaper prices. This is because there are savings to be made on office overheads and economies of scale and also smaller items such as reduced postal costs. However, when comparing online quotes, it is important that buyers and sellers are aware of what is, and is not, included. The headline cost can vary considerably: .

Many property buyers and sellers find that using an online provider is more convenient. Many of us are simply too busy to attend meetings at our conveyancer’s office and prefer the convenience of being able to review documents when we have finished work for the day. Any queries can be dealt with by conveyancers either by email or on the phone. Tracking the progress of transactions is simple with online dashboards, reducing frustration and delay.