Washington prepares for its St Patrick’s Day celebrations

Despite all the goings-on in Washington with the election taking place shortly, preparations are underway for St Patrick’s Day.

Patrick's Day celebrations

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Irish culture will be celebrated with a parade in the nation’s capital thatr takes place every year. It’s a popular day that brings people together. Parades have been held in the city since 1971, and this year marks a special occasion as the 50th annual festivity and committee members will be recognised for continued efforts.

How it has grown

Back in 1971 when the parades started, they were small and were more of a leisurely stroll from one street to another. Over the years, it has grown by a few hundred participants and is now referred to as ‘The Nation’s St Patrick’s Parade’. Trophies are awarded in many categories, and the Parade Committee start planning for the event in September to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Whilst not a legal holiday in the US, it’s widely recognised throughout the country as a way to celebrate the Irish and Irish-American culture.

What to expect

Many will be wearing green and will be adorned with hats and shamrocks, and some homes will have a tree in honour of the patriot saint. Floats and marching groups will be seen alongside a lot of dancing and plenty of Irish spirit as people come together to honour St Patrick. St Patrick Day gifts will be exchanged among some friends and family; inspiration can be found online should you need a huge selection of St Patricks Day gifts. The military and police departments will be present at the parade as well as over 100 community groups.

Patrick's Day celebrations

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In good old-fashioned Irish spirit, there will be plenty of places for everyone to eat, with some using special menus. Drinks play a large part in St Patrick’s Day festivities, and it’s estimated that over 13 million pints of Guinness will be consumed on this day alone in America – cue St Patricks Day gifts in the form of personalised glasses!

The event is such a big one that Trip Savvy have written down transport links and the route in advance so participants are fully informed each step of the way.

Whatever your plans for St Patrick’s Day are, you’re sure to feel welcome during The Nation’s Parade.