Testing Paid Apps Benefits and Basics to know

This part portrays how to test your paid application that has incorporated the Appealer DRM Service SDK. Paid applications that don’t coordinate the AppGallery DRM Service SDK don’t include customer side code testing.

Testing Paid Apps

  • Ensure that the estimations of drmId and drm Public Key in the check API are equivalent to the estimations of DRM ID and DRM Key in Obtaining DRM Information.
  • Ensure that the estimation of pkgName in the check API is equivalent to the application bundle name acquired in Viewing App Information.
  • If your test account isn’t set as a sandbox test account and the show Error Dialog boundary is set to valid or the default esteem, after your application is introduced on your gadget, the message You xx have not bought this application. If it is not too much trouble, buy it first. is shown when you dispatch the application. At the point when you tap purchase, the message This application isn’t yet accessible in current locale. is shown.
  • In this case, set your test account as a sandbox test account by alluding to Managing Tester Accounts. After the application is introduced, the sandbox test record can be effectively confirmed and dispatch the application.

Testing Paid Downloads

In the event that you need to test the paid download insight of an application delivered on AppGallery, you are encouraged to utilize the AppGallery Connect Open Testing administration. Open Testing permits you to convey the test rendition of your application just to explicit test clients so they can look and download the test form on AppGallery. The main thing you need to do is take a training test, at that point you will begin doing paid tests. You will get assessed for these tests so ensure you are offering some benefit and voicing your considerations so anyone can hear the whole test. After your training test is affirmed you will begin getting paid tests in your dashboard.

You will need to take a short screener requires one moment for each SurveyClarity test to check whether you qualify in light of the fact that the clients need explicit clients stepping through their examinations. I get around 1-2 tests each week that I really fit the bill for, so you can anticipate the equivalent. For every one of these tests, you get paid $10 by means of PayPal seven days after you complete the test. They have tests for cell phones, tablets, and work areas. Every so often you might have the option to participate in a live test where you converse with a client live while testing a site. These tests generally pay $30 each 30 minutes.