What are the features of Singapore Integrated Marketing?

The importance of having an Integrated Marketing Strategy has increased as the business environment has changed. With the vast quantity of information available to customers at any given time, the messages that firms share with the public has to be consistent and applicable across all stations. When done correctly, organizations are not able to market for their customer base, but also control the message’s content.

The definition of an Integrated Marketing Strategy as described by the American Association of Advertising Agencies is an approach to attaining the goals of a marketing campaign via a well-coordinated utilization of different promotional procedures that are meant to reinforce each other. This definition brings to the ultimate objective of an IMS that is the unification of multiple sections to create a single brand message across all marketing channels. Accomplishing this goal enables a company create a dialogue, to consolidate its image, and build a relationship.

While a integrated marketing agency singapore would have concentrated within the channels of print radio, and television; an IMS takes all channels that the consumer that was chosen would utilize. Marketers have the ability as clients spend more time with computers and mobile devices. These strategies are helpful for moderate to firms, being the price is reduced in comparison.


These trends can be connected to The rising need for a properly implemented Integrated Marketing Strategy:

  • The move from traditional mass marketing channels to more contemporary communications.
  • Consumers getting favorable through market websites, which takes consideration of the needs and interests of promotion.
  • The rise in internet literacy, access, and use for trade.
  • Businesses becoming responsible for all marketing activities.

These trends make integrating your Marketing strategies with the mixture of channels.