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The Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce

DivorceOnly fifty years ago divorce was a taboo occurrence that most couples avoided, if unhappily. Today’s societal norms have significantly shifted to accept divorce as a regular occurrence that happens to people from all walks of life. However, that doesn’t mean that the process of divorce is any easier or more pleasant.

Every divorce, amicable or otherwise, must address four core issues: division of debt, division of property, spousal support, and child custody. Every aspect of divorce has the potential to get messy, so it’s important to consider whether your divorce would fall under the category of contested or uncontested.

Uncontested Divorce
An uncontested divorce in Tampa is the best case scenario, or as good as the dissolution of a marriage can be. If you and your soon-to-be-ex can agree to the four core issues without any major disputes, it’s possible to finalize the conditions of the divorce without needing to go to trial. In addition to being easier to handle emotionally, uncontested divorces cost much less in legal fees.

Contested Divorce
Many divorces, however, begin as contested divorces, meaning that spouses cannot agree to the terms of the divorce and require legal intervention to determine the ultimate conditions. It’s actually very common for contested divorces to evolve into settlements before the divorce reaches court. Settlement means that both spouses agree to certain terms in order to end litigation and finally move on.

A truly contested divorce attorney Tampa that reaches trial involves extensive complexities. Contested divorces are usually very emotional and stressful because they require so many technical legal procedures that normally wouldn’t play a part in decision-making. When a divorce does enter court, a judge is responsible for making all of the decisions involving marital property, debts, child custody, and child support. Since it becomes each spouse’s attorney’s responsibility to fight against the other, contested divorces become messy and can damage already strained relationships.

Because of this, Tampa divorce lawyers suggest seeking uncontested divorces or settlements and work with their clients to try and arrange divorce conditions with the least amount of hostility.

What You Should Know About Power of Attorney

Life is nothing if not full of surprises. From the proposal you didn’t see coming to the pregnancy you definitely had not anticipated, life can often feel like a rollercoaster of the unexpected. Unfortunately, life’s tendency to provide surprises can also rear its ugly head in the form of tragedy. Accidents and illnesses have the potential to leave you unable to speak for yourself at any time of any day. Even the healthiest among us fall victim to the unthinkable.

Power of Attorney

It’s very difficult to consider and accept such a grim assessment, but by doing so you can help you and your family be more prepared for any difficulties in the future. One of the best things to do is plan for your medical and financial powers of attorney in Tampa, FL.


Defining Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is actually a document that legally provides a certain person of your choosing with the absolute power to make decisions when you are incapable of doing so. There are multiple forms of power of attorney including medical and financial.


This is so valuable because it allows a person that you trust to attend to your personal matters when you are not able to. Paying bills, directing medical decisions, managing financial choices, and more. Without a power of attorney, your spouse or other significant person would most likely need to endure a court battle to gain that power.  


Financial Power of Attorney

This is a major decision because it gives another person the ability to handle and control all your financial situations. It goes without saying that this person must have your best interests at heart and understand and respect your wishes. Tasks can be as simple as paying bills to filing tax returns and monitoring investment accounts.  


Medical Power of Attorney

On the other hand, medical power of attorney is a health care document that describes how you want your health care to be handled if you ever become too injured or ill to control such decisions. A person that you trust will oversee your medical care and ensure that choices are made in accordance to your own wishes. In fact, your power of attorney agent is legally bound to abide by your directions.


Regardless of your age, it is worth your time to meet with a lawyer to draw up power of attorney documents.

Normally the lawyers

Normally the lawyers perform a wide range of legal tasks. This can include: analyzing the prosecutor’s case against their client, assessing evidence, assessing police investigation methods and police reports, interviewing witnesses, acquiring expert witnesses, filing the proper motions, and looking for mistakes or legal technicalities that will best help their clients. They are experts in how to establish reasonable doubt. They prepare a case that is designed to best benefit their client.

The most effective lawyers have the expertise and experience to ensure the justice system stays as a benefit for their clients. They not only defend their clients’ rights but they advise them of their options and put the case together so that it is designed to get the client the very best result. As well as, they’ll recommend the risks and advantages of going to trial or settling a divorce.

Lawyers have ample trial expertise and are in a position to work successfully with prosecutors and judges. The very best law firms will act in the best interest of their clients and will create the absolute best case for them.

The Sad Truth of Nursing Home Abuse

Abuse receives a great deal of attention in our society, but mainly within the realms of domestic and workplace abuse. Nursing home abuse, which is surprisingly prevalent, does not frequently receive the news coverage that it deserves. It is estimated that one in every ten seniors living in a nursing home or assisted living facility experiences what is called “elder abuse” every year, but many of these serious situations go unreported and unresolved. Even worse, nearly 2,000 deaths occur annually because of elder abuse. This is why Bellingham attorneys are constantly fighting for the rights of the elderly in the greater Seattle area.


Why Does Nursing Home Abuse Occur?

It sounds despicable to knowingly hurt a senior citizen, but many nursing homes and assisted living facilities are far more focused on their profits than providing appropriate care. Since government programs frequently fund elderly living organizations, nursing homes can collect government money, neglect appropriate protocol, and still enjoy extra revenue. These same places tend to be understaffed with poorly trained employees and high turnover rates.


Forms of Nursing Home Abuse

Elder abuse falls into many different categories, but the general concept of abuse is defined as “the willful infliction of injury, unreasonable confinement, intimidation, or punishment with resulting physical harm, pain, or mental anguish.”


Gross neglect is one form of abuse that is especially prevalent in nursing homes. It occurs when staff members do not take appropriate care of seniors and fail to feed, clean, clothe, and shelter them as needed. This can result in malnutrition, filthy living conditions, bed sores, and untreated health problems. If this neglect occurs during a major health incident, it can also lead to death.


Physical abuse is the most common form of abuse in care facilities. It can include acts of violence like hitting and kicking, inappropriate use of drugs and physical constraints, or even force feeding.


If you have a loved one in a nursing home right now, watch for behavior that alerts to abuse such as injuries or sores that seem to linger, the caregiver’s refusal to let you visit with your loved one alone, or unexpected depressive behavior from your loved one. If you suspect abuse, contact Bellingham nursing home abuse attorney to explore your legal options.

Hiring a lawyer and its benefits

When convicted of a criminal offence or going through a divorce, for many people, their life is drastically altered. Depending on the type of offence conviction, they may perhaps face fines, fees and / or a prison sentence. It can affect jobs because of the fact that employers actively carry out criminal background checks of potential employees before hiring them. For the reason that the legal system is such a perplexing system for people who have never been involved in this system, should you face a criminal offence charge or are going through a divorce, it’s helpful to hire the services of a professional.

As specialists in criminal defense and divorce cases, lawyers know how this specialized legal area works, the justice process, the various offences, and the best ways to advocate for their clients. They help clients deal with a case and charge such as whether or not it should be plea negotiation or settlement, trying to get the case dismissed or charges reduced, or proceeding to trial to provide the best defense. Lawyers defend the rights of their clients and work to achieve the very best outcome.